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Storybook Brewing is a Colorado Springs based nano brewery with a 3 barrel brew house. All of our beers are hand crafted with the freshest ingredients.

With so many great craft beers in Colorado, we know we won't be the only good beer you drink. We want to create award winning craft beers with the highest quality ingredients. Our Story begins with old classics like porters and IPAs while innovating using techniques and ingredients to keep it interesting.

Our Mission: To support the community in Colorado through the sharing of beer and beer knowledge of the finest quality. By using only the finest ingredients and best practices, we provide people with beer that inspires them in the art of craft brewing. Our knowledgeable, professional and friendly staff enjoy serving craft beer while discussing the craft brewing process. In this way, together with other craft breweries, we are changing the face of beer and it's consumer.

We value: quality, collaboration, open mindedness, integrity, accountability, community, humility, family

Our Vision: At Storybook Brewing our vision is to solidify ourselves as strong contributors to the local Colorado Springs community and those in need. We love Colorado and we love good beer. We want to be a known part of the culture of Colorado Springs, reaching as many people as possible both with our beer and our vision.

Our History: Over 15 years ago, Pete got his first home brew equipment from his wife Lisa and he cooked up his first beer, a Doppelbock. Creating many beers and traveling to many countries in five continents, Pete has always made it a mission to learn about many beers of many styles. Seeing him brew every weekend for years, his wife and daughter convinced him to open a brewery. There was much research to be done and many things were learned from places like a small tap house in Brazil to the world famous beer center in Belgium. Whether it is a black lager in Japan or a Dunkelweizen in Bavaria, every beer savored through the years is part of the heart of Storybook Brewing.

Storybook Brewing both dream and reality: As a local family business, Storybook Brewing could never have happened without the help of family and friends. After all, what is a growler of beer if you cannot share it with friends and family.

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