Storybook Brewing Is Turning One!

Thank you for making it a Storybook success in our first year.  We want to celebrate with you!
Sunday, November 22nd - $3 pints of Little Red’s Rocking Ale!  We will host a pot luck Sunday and open early for the Broncos / Bears game. Join us from 11 AM to 6 PM Sunday.  Bring a dish as it's pot luck!  Finally, we will have a Hop Infusion with hops giving a distinct peach and passion fruit flavors/aromas.
Tuesday, November 24th - Tuesday - Mini Pies and Pale Hop Infusion!  Cherry, Pumpkin, French Silk and Apple mini pies will accompany the Pale Ale hop infusion with hops giving a distinct Melon and Strawberry flavor.
Wednesday, November 25th – Barrel Aged Sour Release!  Fall Off the Mayflower Sour was barrel aged in Merlot barrels from the Abby in Canyon City since 2009. This is a very limited edition beer as it took years to create. We also have Karaoke from 6 PM to 9 PM.
Black Friday, November 26th - All black beers are 1 dollar off.  Java Dragon Nitro, Java Dragon CO2, Over the Moon Milk Stout Nitro, Over the Moon Milk Stout CO2 or Angel Feather Brown.
Saturday, November 27th – Pale Ale Release – Pan’s Pale Ale!

Fall Off the Mayflower Sour

The Story:

In the Fall of 1620, the Mayflower's ability to steady herself in a gale produced a deceptive tranquillity for a young indentured servant--John Howland.  He was restless and wanted to get out of the fowl smelling depths of the ship for just a moment. He climbed a ladder to one of the hatches and stepped onto the deck. The gale was still raging with astonishing violence. The Mayflower lurched suddenly. Howland staggered to the ship's rail and tumbled into the sea.
  That should have been the end of him, but trailing behind the ship was the topsail halyard, the rope used to raise and lower the upper sail.  Howland was young and strong and he grabbed the halyard with feral desperation. Even though he was pulled down more than ten feet below the ocean's surface, he never let go. Several sailors took up the halyard and hauled Howland back in, finally snagging him with a boat hook and dragging him onto the deck.
Words from  "Mayflower" by Nathaniel Philbrick.

Storybook Brewing Holiday Closings:
Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Years Day.

We love to see what you think about our beers! 
Christmas beer release will be stout aged in bourbon barrels from Axe and the Oak Distillery right here in Colorado Springs.
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